Reasons to Take Your Car to an Independent Auto Repair Shop

Reasons to Take Your Car to an Independent Auto Repair Shop

There are a few reasons to shop around for auto repair. Independent auto repair shops are typically less expensive than dealerships, and they are likely to specialize in a particular vehicle make or system. Also, an independent car workshop near me may offer to finance. If you’re in a bind and can’t pay for a service outright, consider financing your repair with an auto financing company. This way, you can pay for the work only after receiving a receipt.

Independent auto repair shops are cheaper than dealers:

Why are independent auto repair shops cheaper than dealers? While many dealerships offer coupons and spend a lot of money advertising their service departments, independent shops offer lower prices. A recent survey found that independent shops charge on average 15% less than dealers. These savings aren’t the only benefit of independent shops. They also offer more convenient hours and better quality work. The following are some other reasons to use an independent shop.

They have websites:

Auto repair shops have websites that show what services they provide and what they offer, and they can even have videos of what a typical car looks like when they’re repaired. The website should be well organized and easy to navigate, including a contact form. Look for a phone number and social media links, and a Google map. Make sure to look at the website’s reviews to see what people have to say about their experience with a given shop.

They offer to finance:

If you need a car repair, you might be wondering whether you can afford to pay cash for the repairs. While it is certainly possible to get a credit card with a 0% APR, you may end up paying more in interest. A DH1, 000 repairs, for example, at 15% APR, would take 56 months to repay, costing you Dh 662 in interest. Using your existing credit cards for such purposes should be reserved for purchases that you can pay off in full within one billing cycle, and only when necessary.

They have access to more parts:

Independent shops have access to more parts and can order them more conveniently. Because dealerships use OEM parts, they tend to cost more. Furthermore, dealers have a higher overhead than parts-only manufacturers.

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