Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Decorative trim and furry touches are two of the biggest interior design trends predicted for 2022. According to an expert interior designer, walls are receiving various textural treatments. This year, expect to see plaster finishes mimicked by paint products and walls covered in highly textured fabrics. For those who prefer natural materials, wicker and rattan furnishings will be popular accents.

Color is back:

This spring and summer, color is making a comeback in home decor. From terracotta to mint green, this season’s hottest color is back! Not only is it a great choice for kitchen cabinets, but it also evokes vacations to the Mediterranean. However, unlike terracotta, mustard yellow has many other applications, including accenting dark living rooms. If you’re unsure how to use this warm and sunny hue, consider it for your kitchen cabinets.

Eco-friendly landscaping is a top priority:

In a recent survey, homeowners’ eco-friendly landscaping is the most popular home improvement project. This is not a surprise, as the sustainable design has become increasingly important to prospective home buyers. Additional top trends for homeowners include energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and smart home technology. Sunrooms and other environmentally friendly additions are also popular among homeowners and prospective buyers. Below are five eco-friendly home improvements that will be most popular in 2022.

Leather is a luxurious accent piece:

While leather sofas and chairs are not new to interior design trends, the use of leather in new furnishing accessories is. Real leather and suede are becoming more popular in luxury bedrooms, creating an opulent and gender-neutral atmosphere. Real leather also finds use in custom kitchen designs and as a surface material for walls and fronts. Leather furnishings will add depth and dimension to any room. Leather furniture in caramel or brown shades will be more fashionable in 2022.

Wicker and rattan furniture:

Rattan furniture and accent pieces are popular choices for contemporary interiors. These natural materials incorporate an ancient weaving technique. Rattan gained popularity during the 1960s and 1970s. This style is laid-back and lightweight. This trend is catching on fast, and many designers are now incorporating these pieces into their interior designs. To get a head start on the trend, check out some of the following interior design trends for 2022.

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