Marine Lubricants- Here Is Useful Information For You

Marine Lubricants- Here Is Useful Information For You

When choosing a marine lubricant, it’s important to know a few things about its composition. Different types of oils have different characteristics, and there are several different classifications of marine oil available. Read this article to learn more about Synthetic lubricants, Polyalphaolefin base oils, and Multigrade oils. It’s important to choose the correct type of oil, and you should have no trouble finding one that’s right for your boat.

Synthetic lubricants:

The benefits of using synthetic marine lubricants for your boat’s engine are many. AMSOIL marine lubricants help keep your engine protected and performing at its best. AMSOIL synthetic marine lubricants reduce friction and provide outstanding protection for your boat’s engine. Using premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can help you extend your time on the water and protect your engine in all conditions.

Polyalphaolefin base oils:

Polyalphaolefin base oils are widely used in automotive, gear, bearing, and hydraulic fluids. They are highly compatible with mineral oils and have excellent low-temperature flow characteristics. These oils are not biodegradable or suitable for use in flammable environments. They also exhibit excellent anti-wear properties. Polyalphaolefin base oils are commonly blended with organic ester synthetic base oils.

Synthetic blends:

Full synthetic oil and blends cost more, but they do offer advantages over conventional oils. Full synthetics are better at reducing wear and breaking down at high speeds and temperatures, but most marine engines do not exceed six thousand rpm. Partial synthetics can only be used in a small number of engines and reduce the benefits of full synthetic oil. However, partial synthetics also dispel the myth that changing oils require too much maintenance.

Multigrade oils:

A multigrade marine lubricant is a type of oil that meets multiple viscosity standards. Typically, it comes in two grades: 5W-30 and 15W-40. The multigrade system is superior to ISO standards as it defines viscosity performance at both low and high temperatures. The benefits of multigrade marine lubricants are numerous, and the advantages are clear. The following are some of the advantages of multigrade marine lubricants.

The DISOLA W multigrade marine engine oil is an excellent option for turbocharged diesel engines. This oil helps extend engine life and is easy to start in cold weather. It also exhibits high detergent and dispersant properties at high temperatures. It meets all requirements of API CI-4 and Caterpillar ECF-2. It is compatible with most types of engines. This multigrade marine lubricant is recommended for turbo-charged, four-stroke diesel engines.

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